Comic-Con 2012 Days 1 & 2 – It’s Like You’re There, Only You’re Not

Whew!  What an exciting first two days at Comic-Con!  Huge casting news, a Firefly reunion, panels featuring talent from both in front and behind the camera of some big movies and TV shows–and I won some great swag!

Oh, did I mention I’m not actually AT Comic-Con?

The internet, and social media in particular, have made it easy to feel like you’re there when you’re not.  Best part, you don’t have to camp out all night to get into the popular panels or fight with other fans to score some swag.

My Twitter feed has been chock-full of minute-by-minute updates by fellow geeks who are fortunate enough to be experiencing Comic-Con in person.  Then there are the live blogs by entertainment sites like Entertainment Weekly.  Heck, who needed to BE at the Twilight panel?  Entertainment Weekly had details of the goings-on, as well as some fantastic pictures.

Fans and even stars attending have been tweeting and posting on Facebook all kinds of great photos–my favorites so far have been of several young actors from The Hunger Games dancing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TV writer Jane Espenson posing with a girl as Firefly character Kaylee in her Scarlett O’Hara in outer space dress, and a series of photos of someone dressed up like a Jedi being hauled away by cops retweeted by William Shatner, who bragged about the superior behavior of Star Trek fans.

I’m a huge fan of Justin Cronin‘s fab post-apocalyptic vampire novel The Passage. (In fact, I’m re-reading the book now and will be blogging about it soon.)  I saw a tweet the other day that Random House was giving away a set of the cards they’ve been handing out at Comic-Con to promote his next book in the series, The Twelve.




Last night I was again in geek heaven when I found this video announcing some major casting for Season 3 of Game Of Thrones:


Almost fell down when I saw that Diana Rigg would play the small but pivotal role of Lady Olenna, aka The Queen Of Thorns.  What a perfect choice.  The rest of the actors look awesome, too.

This morning, the Winter Is Coming fan site posted videos of  yesterday’s Game Of Thrones panel.  Watch them here.

There’s been news about attendee reaction to footage from upcoming movies and TV shows like The Lone Ranger (mixed), The Host (apparently, the Twilight fans were not totally enthused), Dredd (positive), The Arrow (very positive), and Oz The Great And Powerful (uber-positive).  While Comic-Con attendees haven’t always been a reliable gauge of how mainstream audiences will react to a movie or TV show, it’s fun to get some details and reactions to highly-anticipated projects.

There’s lots more coming before Comic-Con ends on Sunday–can’t wait to experience it from the comfort of my computer screen!

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