Five Things You Should Stop Doing On Twitter Now

1. Using Auto DMs (Direct Messaging). It’s considered the height of rudeness, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing it to promote something. No matter how nice and friendly you make it sound, most people still consider it spam and hate it. Only DM personal friends you’re sure won’t mind.

2. Abusing The Retweet Button. This is the fastest way to get me to stop following you. I don’t mind retweets at all, it’s when I see 20 or 30, one after the other. It’s nice to promote your followers, but doing it all at once just clutters up people’s Twitter feed. Stop it. Please.

3. Abusing The Retweet Button, Part Deux. Don’t retweet a bunch of the same person’s tweets all at once. If I wanted to follow that person, I WOULD FOLLOW THEM. One or two tweets is fine. 20 tweets in a row by a comic you find hilariously funny becomes unfunny when someone is trying to see what’s being posted by the people they wanted to follow.

4. Carrying On A Long-Running Public Feud With Other Follower(s). Why do people do this? Didn’t their mothers ever tell them not to air dirty laundry in public? Sure, sometimes it’s funny (there’s a long-running feud going on among some entertainment reporters that’s a hoot) and, sure, I’ve been involved in my own share of internet flame wars. But when it goes on for a long period of time, it just makes those involved look infantile. Take it to email, folks.

5. Not Thanking People For A Retweet Or Mention. Show appreciation for the people who’ve taken the time to show you some. It’s the nice thing to do and could lead to more promotion of you and your work.

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