Kind of busy this week, so I thought I’d repost an old column. Hope you enjoy!


After a lot of frustration trying to find good titles for my projects, I started thinking about titles of successful books and movies.  I realized they usually fall into categories.  Knowing these categories help me create a strategy for finding the perfect title.

1. Main Character – this is the obvious place to start.  I’m not a fan of using the name of the main character as the title of a book.  Sure, there are instances where that worked out fine (Forrest Gump, Dexter) and others where that helped create a disaster (the movie John Carter).  Notice the ones that do work are often unusual names.  So if your character’s name is Ponconby Fassmesser, you might be O.K. using that as your title.

A better strategy would be to zero in on something interesting or unusual about your character.  It should be descriptive and usually should be short.  It could…

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