Remembering My First Movie: Irma La Douce

For this year’s Billy Wilder Blogathon, I’ve reached into the archives and brought out this post about my first movie-going experience. A short but fun blog about how Billy Wilder’s Irma La Douce gave me a strange outlook on life at the age of four. 🙂


Irma1This post is part of the Billy Wilder Blogathon, hosted by Aurora over at Once Upon a Screen, and Kelley at Outspoken and Freckled. Check out the many great posts HERE!

I don’t actually remember watching it, but the first movie I ever went to in a theater was Mary Poppins. My grandparents took me to see it. I don’t recall watching the movie, but I do remember the movie theater. It was one of the old movie palaces. For years I thought I remembered red velvet love seats in the theater, but rejected that as a memory gone awry. Just the other day, my mother mentioned the red love seats in movie theaters in the old days. It was strange and wonderful to have the memory confirmed.

The first movie I clearly remember watching was a Billy Wilder film, Irma La Douce, dubbed into…

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