The Sword & Sandal Blogathon is Here!

The Sword and Sandal Blogathon has now arrived!

Bloggers who are contributing posts, please leave your link(s) either here in the comments section, or in the comments section of the original blogathon announcement:

Announcing the Sword & Sandal Blogathon!

You may also send links to me via Twitter. My handle is @DebbieVee.

I have created the Twitter hashtag #SwordSandalBlogathon, which I will include when I share links on Twitter. Please do the same if you are sharing your links on Twitter.

I will do an update each evening, and will also add the links to the roster in the original announcement post as they come in.

Thank you so much to all who are participating!

17 thoughts on “The Sword & Sandal Blogathon is Here!

  1. So excited to read the posts for this. Would have loved to contribute, but alas, the Dissertation calls (it is, ironically, focused on sword-and-sandal films).

    Looking forward to seeing people’s thoughts on this best of all genres!

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