You Gotta Have Friends Blogathon – Day 3 Recap

Busy, busy day today, lots of blogathon goodness to share!


The Stop Button lets us enter the nightmare world of Midnight Cowboy, where two men bond over an unlikely goal.


Movies Silently gives us a glimpse into Mary Pickford and ZaSu Pitts’ status as BFFs in A Little Princess.


City of Kik reviews Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and argues it’s the friendship shown by the Kirk-Spock-McCoy triumvirate that helps elevate the Star Trek franchise above mere entertainment.


Movierob finds the relationship between the two male friends in Sideways very realistic and relatable.


Critica Retro contemplates the brief frienemies relationship in the 1927 film Chicago.


In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood writes about the relationships developed among theater people in All About Eve.


Movierob admires how Fried Green Tomatoes is able to develop the stories of two pairs of friends told in different timelines.


Once Upon a Screen explores how friends fail but friendship wins in Manhattan Melodrama.


The Wonderful World of Cinema talks about cricket addicts Charters and Caldicott, two friends who appear in several films, starting with Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes.


Moon in Gemini goes on the wild journey that brings about an unlikely friendship in Desperately Seeking Susan.


Movierob‘s final contribution is about the timeless story of veterans who bond after returning home from war in The Best Years of Our Lives.


Love Letters to Old Hollywood tells us what she loves about the bond between Toddy and Victoria in Victor/Victoria.


Phyllis Loves Classic Movies lists her favorite buddy films.

If your post is late, no worries. I will do another update in a day or so.

I am amazed by the array of fantastic entries! Thanks to each and every blogger who participated!


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