The “No, YOU’RE Crying!” Blogathon – Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the “No, YOU’RE Crying!” Blogathon is a bit slower than Day 1, but we still have some awesome and emotional posts:

Silver Screenings takes on the mother of all mother melodramas, Stella Dallas.

Scribblings sniffles for Cyrano de Bergerac.

Seven Doors of Cinema can’t help feeling touched by the film After Life.

MovieRob‘s second contribution to the blogathon is Seabiscuit, which he finds an emotional and multi-layered film.

Old Hollywood Films names the Top 5: Tearjerker Endings.

For the Love of Movies writes about how Cinema Paradiso celebrates life.

If you post later today, I will add it to tomorrow’s recap.

Thanks to all of today’s contributors. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the last round of posts!

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