The Richard Matheson Blogathon Begins Soon!

We are two days away from The Richard Matheson Blogathon!

There’s till time to join in!

It runs from Saturday, March 9 – Sunday, March 10.

If you want to join in, leave a comment here or under the original post, or contact me or Rich on Twitter (my handle is @DebbieVee; Rich’s is @Ratzo318).

Looking forward to great event!

8 thoughts on “The Richard Matheson Blogathon Begins Soon!

      1. Debbie: I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to bow out of the blogathon. The only place I can find the movie on line, it doesn’t have any sound! Sorry for the trouble.

      2. That’s O.K. I couldn’t find it, either, but thought maybe you had some secret
        source for 1970s movies of the week. ☺

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