The Costume Drama Blogathon – Day One Recap

A bit of a slow start to our blogathon, but we still have some wonderful posts to share:

Destroy All Fanboys! detects a slightly modern vibe to Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon.

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society originally reviewed Gone With the Wind  for  my Greatest Film I’ve Never Seen Blogathon. Along with her impressions of the overall film, she gives fascinating details about producer David O. Selznick’s determination to stay true to the source material while complying with the era’s production code, including the film’s famous last line.

Silver Screenings examines “Love in the Time of Big Sleeves” in her review of Saraband for Dead Lovers

Caftan Woman takes seriously the “costume” part in costume drama with a detailed look at the elaborate work by designer Royer for In Old Chicago.

MovieMovieBlogBlog is thrilled to find The Mask of Zorro is both a witty and non-ironic update of a classic story.

Check back tomorrow for more films set in yesteryear and yore!

2 thoughts on “The Costume Drama Blogathon – Day One Recap

  1. Hi Debbie! I’m going to try my utmost to get my post to you by tomorrow night! I just finished hosting my own Blogathon, so I’m a bit all over the place! I so look forward to reading everyone’s entries!

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