The Costume Drama Blogathon – Day Three Recap

More posts dressed up in glorious costumes!

Critica Retro finds the silent 1923 version of Scaramouche visually stunning and full of remarkable detail to convey the French Revolutionary era.

Love Letters to Old Hollywood reviews The Glass Slipper, MGM’s atypical retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale.

Silver Scenes enjoys the satirical edge of The Private Life of Henry VIII.

Pale Writer appreciates the way Michael Mann’s version of The Last of the Mohicans focuses on Native Americans and women on the frontier.

Moon in Gemini finds The Favourite a fresh and unique entry in the costume drama genre.

MovieRob is intrigued and impressed by the massively epic feel of the century-old film, Intolerance.

Taking Up Room studies the symbolism of the costumes in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Bloggers who did not get their posts in on time: no worries, I will do a final wrap-up tomorrow.

Thanks to all who helped make this such a fun event!

6 thoughts on “The Costume Drama Blogathon – Day Three Recap

  1. Hello Debbie! So sorry for submitting my review so late, but I just published my post for the blogathon! Here’s the link:
    If you’re interested, I wrote about three of the most well-known adaptations of The Secret Garden. These posts are not for the blogathon, but I figured they would be relevant for the blogathon’s theme. Here are the links:

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