The American Experience on Film Blogathon – Day Three

Day three brings more posts about life in America on film:

The Craggus admits the two TV series V (1983) and V: The Final Battle (1984) may seem an odd choice for this blogathon, but makes the case that they predicted how some would embrace fascism in 21st Century America.

MovieRob finds Fun With Dick and Jane, a comedy about upper middle class Americans resorting to crime to maintain their lifestlye, still relevant more than four decades after it was released.

Moon in Gemini studies German director Werner Herzog’s unique spin on the immigrant story, Stroszek.

Movies Silently reclaims the legacy of American sharpshooter extraordinaire, Annie Oakley.

Taking Up Room takes on The Brothers Warner, a documentary about the four men who created Warner Bros. Studio.

Critica Retro contemplates one of the first films that tried to grapple honestly with the consequences of imperialism during the Vietnam War era, Coming Home.

That’s it for today! Bloggers: if you still have a post pending, that’s O.K. I will do a final wrap-up in a day or two.

7 thoughts on “The American Experience on Film Blogathon – Day Three

  1. I’d missed this Blogathon altogether and only came across it on Friday. Had wanted to do a short-notice entry (Skins or Labor Day) but just didn’t manage. Sorry. I’ll need to keep a better eye out for your next Blogathon as I always enjoy yours.

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