The Foreign Western Blogathon – Day Three Recap

Got a mess of posts from out on the foreign range on Day Three of the Foreign Western Blogathon:

Taking Up Room finds For a Few Dollars More a worthy follow-up to the original Man With No Name movie, A Fistful of Dollars.

Though 18 Cinema Lane appreciated aspects of the Australia-set “slice of life” Western The Sundowners, she couldn’t look past it’s weak script.

Silver Scenes gives us a photo overview of Germany’s series of Wannetou films, cited by Sergio Leone as inspiration for his own Westerns.

Cinematic Catharsis reviews the unique Tears of the Black Tiger, a Thai take on Hollywood Western tropes mashed up with post-modern sensibilities.

Bloggers: if you still have a post pending that didn’t make it into this round-up, no problem! I will do a final wrap-up post in a day or two.


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