The Next Food Network Star IZZZZzzzzzzz…….

What the heck happened to The Next Food Network Star? Of all the food competition shows, this one has been consistently the best—even better than Top Chef—because it’s more than a competition. It’s a weeks-long interview for a real job—and a potential life-changing career as a celebrity chef with a valuable brand. Oh, I know some of the winners were controversial, and Guy Fieri is still the sole break-out star of the lot. But the actual show was fun to watch. There were always obvious also-rans, but there were usually at least three or four contenders to get excited about. … Continue reading The Next Food Network Star IZZZZzzzzzzz…….

The Amazing Race Finale And The Value Of Tenacity

SPOILER WARNING: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE FINALE OF THE AMAZING RACE, SPOILERS FOLLOW, INCLUDING THE WINNING TEAM. I love The Amazing Race, it’s hands-down my favorite of the reality competition shows. What I like most about it is its purity. Whichever team crosses the finish line wins. Period. No “voting off the island.” No judges making a decision based on subjective criteria. You step on the mat first in front of host Phil Keoghan, you win. That’s not to say there isn’t strategy involved, but the interesting thing about TAR (as those of us who love it call it) … Continue reading The Amazing Race Finale And The Value Of Tenacity

The Guy Fieri Kerfuffle: Branding And Overexposure

Unless you’ve been under a rock (or don’t read the entertainment and/or food sections of newspapers and websites) you’ve probably heard about how New York Times food critic Pete Wells’ review skewered (and barbequed) Guy Fieri‘s new Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. A tidal wave of negative reviews and comments on foodie sites has followed, as well as articles and comments defending Fieri and his restaurant. Guy Fieri (for the three of you who’ve never heard of him) is a celebrity chef who was discovered by the Food Network during their second season of The Next Food … Continue reading The Guy Fieri Kerfuffle: Branding And Overexposure

Reality TV Show Villains – Real Or Not Real?

I’m not one of those people who seek to trash reality TV or their viewers. Mainly, because I like some reality TV a lot. Mostly the competition shows, like The Amazing Race, Top Chef, Face-Off (my personal favorite) and Project Runway. The ones featuring celebrities who weren’t celebrities until they got a reality show aren’t my cup of tea, but to each their own. One thing I’ve never thought about reality TV is that it’s actually real. A while back there was a big hoo-ha over HGTV’s ubiquitous show House Hunters not being real. Turns out, the people on the … Continue reading Reality TV Show Villains – Real Or Not Real?