Tips For Creating A Great Beginning To Your Story

It’s been another busy weekend, so I’ve pulled this up from the archives! Will have a fresh post next week for sure!


1. Start just before something is going to happen, in the middle of something happening, or right after something has happened.  There’s a term in screenwriting called “landing in the scene on roller skates.” This is a great way to start a story. Basically, create a situation for your characters and throw them right into it.

You can even create a beginning where all three things are going on. When Stephen King’s The Stand starts something has already happened (an accident at a government facility has released a deadly flu virus) something is in the middle of happening (a guard at the facility manages to get to his house and grab his family so they can escape before the place is shut down completely) and something is about to happen (after they escape, the guard and his family will spread the deadly virus across half the country before they die…

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