Workplace in Film & TV Blogathon: Day 2 Recap

Bloggers are working their buns off, contributing more great posts for the Workplace in Film & TV blogathon!

Movies Silently takes us behind the scenes of early movie-making with A Girl’s Folly.

Sat In Your Lap embraces the lack of plausibility of the pre-code melodrama Alias the Doctor and discovers it’s an obscure gem.

The Blonde Screwball reviews the Carole Lombard/Fred MacMurray screwball comedy about a manicurist, Hands Across the Table.

A Shroud of Thoughts praises WKRP in Cincinnati as both a great workplace and character-driven comedy series.

Critica Retro traces the career path of a railway mogul played by Spencer Tracy in The Power and the Glory.

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest tackles Charlie Chaplin’s hilarious masterpiece about the rise of technology, Modern Times.

Don’t forget to join us for Day 3 tomorrow!



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