Announcing The American Experience on Film Blogathon!

It’s been over a year since my last blogathon. I am very excited to announce this one!

I am inviting you to write about movies that deal with the American Experience.

The one and only rule for choosing a film to cover is that it take place in the United States of America. (If you want to expand it beyond the 50 states to American territories, that is acceptable.)

Of course, there are many, many different aspects to the American experience. I would love to see that reflected in the films (television shows are also permitted) chosen for the blogathon.

If you need some inspiration, consider:

Films about the immigration/assimilation experience.

Films about the Black American or Native American experience.

Films about historical events, political movements, biopics of famous Americans.

Road films that take place in America.

Films (this can include foreign films) that feature non-Americans experiencing America.

Films about the American Dream/disillusionment with the American Dream.

Documentaries or mockumentaries.

Films about the American family, either functional or dysfunctional.

Don’t be limited by these suggestions. These are only a few ideas I’m throwing out to you. Also think outside the box when it comes to genre. Horror films, sci fi films, even superhero films can have a lot to say about the American experience.

I know some bloggers out there aren’t American and some have never been to America. I suggest picking a film that helped shape the way you view America or Americans.

It doesn’t matter if the film’s view of America is positive or negative. Again, the object is a wide variety of films.

To that end, the only other rule for the blogathon is no duplicates.

The blogathon will run from Friday, May 21 – Sunday, May 23. You may post any day, or earlier, if you wish.

To claim your topic, please request your choice in the comments section below, or contact me on Twitter (@DebbieVee). Include the name and URL of your blog. Then grab one of the banners below, display it on your blog and link it back to this post.

Thanks for joining in!


Moon in Gemini: Stroszek (1977)

The Stop Button: Avalon (1990)

The Craggus: V (1983) and V: The Final Battle (1984)

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest: Take a Giant Step (1959)

Cinematic Scribblings: Days of Heaven (1978)

A Shroud of Thoughts: The Andy Griffith Show/Mayberry R.F.D.

Realweegiemidget Reviews: The Americans (2013-2018)

MovieRob: Fun With Dick and Jane (1977), Zelig (1983), Faith of My Fathers (2005)

dbmoviesblog: The Stepford Wives (1975)

Movies Silently: Annie Oakley (1894)

Critica Retro: Coming Home (1978)

18 Cinema Lane: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken (1991) and The Girl Who Spelled Freedom (1986)

Taking Up Room: The Brothers Warner (2007)

Dubism: The Jackie Robinson Story (1950)

33 thoughts on “Announcing The American Experience on Film Blogathon!

    1. Of course, great choice! Ira Levin’s stories always have a lot to say about the American experience. 😊 Thanks for participating!

  1. Hi! Wow, this was a vast theme and it took me a while to choose my topic. Now I finally have it: I’ll write about Coming Home (1978).
    Le from Crítica Retro

  2. Such a great idea for a blogathon! I’d like to review a double feature of ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ (1991) and ‘The Girl Who Spelled Freedom’ (1986).

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