The “It Takes a Thief” Blogathon – Final Wrap-Up!

First, I want to extend my warmest thanks to all who participated in the “It Takes a Thief” Blogathon. SO many great posts, and quite a few about films I’ve never seen–some I’ve never heard of! WOW! My viewing list has expanded a lot the last few days.

Go HERE for a complete list of posts with links.

Please check out these posts that did not make it into the daily recaps:

Cinematic Scribblings writes about Jerzy Skolimowski’s eccentric car-crazy protagonist in Le Départ.

Top 10 Film List pays tribute to one of noirs most manipulative femme fatales in a review of Criss-Cross.

Outspoken and Freckled believes the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair has the sexual tension the original lacked.

Thanks again to all! That’s a wrap!

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