Winter In July Blogathon – Day 1 Recap

Brrrr! It may be hot outside now, but it’s super-cold inside here, with our first entries in the Winter in July Blogathon!

Destroy All Fanboys presents a chilly double-feature with John Carpenter’s 1982 version of The Thing and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, starring the least well-known James Bond, George Lazenby.

dbmoviesblog gives an in-depth analysis of Disney’s 2013 animated feature Frozen.

Silver Screenings marvels at how well Clint Eastwood manages to keep his hair in place while he battles Nazis with Richard Burton in Where Eagles Dare.

The Story Enthusiast finds New In Town a funny and heartwarming film in spite of the chilly Minnesota setting.

There may not be any snow in it, but The Midnite Drive-In argues the original Die Hard is a classic action film that will forever be connected to the Christmas season.

The Stop Button enjoys the affable charm of the snowbound characters in Petticoat Fever, even while finding the film itself rather slight.

Caftan Woman writes about Day of The Outlaw, a Western set at the end of a long winter and featuring bitter townspeople confronted with a gang of outlaws on the run.

MovieRob finds the winter setting greatly enhances the unusual crime thriller, Frozen River.

Movies Silently is captivated by Alice Guy’s short dance film Dance of the Seasons: Winter, Snow Dance.

MovieMovieBlogBlog recounts how the Laurel & Hardy film Below Zero mined comedy from the bleakness of winter and the start of the Great Depression.

What a great start to the blogathon! Come back tomorrow to cool off to more winter movies!

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