Winter in July Blogathon – Day 2 Recap

We’re still keeping it cool with our second day of winter-themed posts!

MovieRob finds Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter a powerful and disturbing film about the aftermath of a tragedy.

The Pure Entertainment Society reviews two classic movie love stories set during winter: The Shop Around the Corner and Broadway Serenade.

Taking Up Room loves rooting for the unlikely Jamaican bobsled team in Cool Runnings, a movie based on true events.

Critica Retro contemplates the passions and crises of faith in Ingmar Bergman’s Winter Light.

dbmoviesblog’s second contribution to the blogathon is The Sword in the Stone, one of Disney’s lesser-known animated features.

WadsWords shares thoughts on The Great White Silence, Herbert Ponting’s documentary about the ill-fated Robert Scott expedition to the South Pole.

Wide Screen World was surprised to find himself engrossed by Nanook of the North, even though some of the film was staged for the camera.

A Shroud of Thoughts feels Ski Party, a fun variation on the Beach Party movies of the 1960s, deserved a bigger initial audience.

Lots more winter goodness coming up tomorrow!


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