The Out To Sea Blogathon is Here!

Ahoy, me maties! The Out To Sea Blogathon has arrived!

Bloggers: When your post goes live, leave the URL for your post in the comments section here or under the original announcement post. You may also send it to me via Twitter. My handle is @DebbieVee.

I will do daily recaps, but will also collect all the URLs in this post as they come in. You may link your post to this one so people who read yours can find the other posts.

Remember, you may post any day during the blogathon: Friday, March 6 – Sunday, March 8. If you’re running a little late, no problem! I will do an update on any posts that come in later than Sunday.

Looking forward to reading all the salty posts!


MovieMovieBlogBlog: Jaws

Pale Writer: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Caftan Woman: Wake of the Red Witch

Realweegiemidget Reviews: A tribute to Carol Lynley in Flood and The Poseidon Adventure

Wide Screen World: Piranha II: The Spawning

Sean Munger: Run Silent, Run Deep

MovieRob: Captain Ron, The Frogmen, The Triangle

Midnite Drive-In: Battleship Potemkin

The Stop Button: Sphere

Destroy All Fanboys!: The Flesh Eaters, Night Tide

Critica Retro: Pleasure Cruise

18 Cinema Lane: Honeymoon for One

John V’s Eclectic Avenue: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The Flapper Dame: Mister Roberts

The Movie Rat: Lifeboat

Taking Up Room: The Abyss

Dubism: The Hunt for Red October

Moon in Gemini: The Last of Sheila

Musings of a Classic Film Addict: Abandon Ship

The Pure Entertainment Preservation Society: The Affairs of Cappy Ricks