The Foreign Western Blogathon – Day One Recap

Howdy pardners! Or hola compadres, depending on the country the films are from! Welcome to the Day One round-up of posts for the Foreign Western Blogathon:

Silver Screenings went into 7 Women excited about the prospect of seeing a Western-ish film set in China, centered around women, and directed by John Ford, but found it highly disappointing.

The Stop Button was not impressed by the surreal Mexican Western El Topo, finding its misogyny and uninspiring star off-putting.

Realweegiemidget Reviews beams us up to the Western-themed original Star Trek series episode The Spectre of the Gun.

Moon In Gemini reports Mexican Western Tiempo de Morir lives up to its impressive array of talent, including a screenplay by prize-winning literary novelists Gabriel García Marquez and Carlos Fuentes.

Hamlette’s Soliloquy sheds light on an obscure spaghetti Western based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, The Wild and the Dirty, that features the always wonderful Gilbert Roland as the hero’s reliable rescuer.

A Shroud of Thoughts contends that spaghetti Western They Call Me Trinity is one of the funniest of the genre made in any country.

That’s it for today! If you post your entry later tonight, no worries, you will be added to tomorrow’s recap.


7 thoughts on “The Foreign Western Blogathon – Day One Recap

  1. Very cool start there, really diverse choices from everybody. I still need to see The Wild and the Dirty, which SW fans remember best under the title Johnny Hamlet. Can I still do an entry with A Coffin for the Sheriff (Una Bara per Lo Sceriffo) (1965), I wasn’t sure if you got my entry request. Thanks for this very cool topic.

    1. I’m so sorry! I did add you to the roster on the original post but I see now that I forgot to respond to your request. Please yes, would love to read your entry and have it as part of the blogathon.

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