The “No, YOU’RE Crying” Blogathon – Day 1 Recap

It’s a storm, it’s a tsunami, it’s a torrent of tears! Lots of great posts for Day 1 of the “No, YOU’RE Crying!’ Blogathon!

Once Upon a Screen reviews one of my mom’s favorite tearjerkers, Penny Serenade.

Destroy All Fanboys! examines how director Steven Spielberg “pulled the string” to get everyone to love E.T. the Extraterrestrial.

MovieMovieBlogBlog reminds us that Charlie Chaplin was one of the first filmmakers to combine comedy and pathos with his film The Kid.

Cinematic Scribblings contemplates the Japanese film Twenty-Four Eyes, about an idealistic teacher whose students are destined to be swept up by World War II.

Movies Silently writes about Falling Leaves, Alice Guy-Blaché’s heart-rending tale of a little girl who tries to keep her sister alive by prolonging autumn.

Wide Screen World recalls how Toy Story 3 left him both euphoric and in tears.

The Stop Button applauds director Clint Eastwood for keeping The Bridges of Madison County from becoming a cheap film adaptation of a best-selling novel.

Realweegiemidget takes on another heart-felt Spielberg film in her review of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society tells us about the only film that made her cry: the 1969 film Rascal.

B Noir Detour also confesses to not being much of a crier, except when it comes to the film Turn the Key Softly.

Critica Retro names the film Make Way for Tomorrow as her cinematic Achilles’ heel, always guaranteed to make her cry.

Thoughts All Sorts feels no blogathon about tearjerker films is complete without a Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, in this case A Walk to Remember.

Caftan Woman contemplates Elia Kazan’s superb adaptation of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

MovieRob challenges you NOT to cry as you watch Beaches.

Maddylovesherclassicfilms was deeply moved by the film Shadowlands.

Midnite Drive-In tells of the inevitable emotional pull of Old Yeller, a classic story about a boy and his dog.

Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews talks about my mom’s OTHER favorite tearjerker film, Random Harvest.

Whew! Really been put through the wringer today! Thank you to all the contributors. If you post later today, don’t worry, you’ll be in the next recap.

Join us tomorrow for even more emotional posts!

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